About us


 The TENAZ Group acquired several businesses throughout 2017 and the decision has been taken to bring them under one banner, TENAZ  Management was registered to work alongside our partner companies TENAZ Logistics, TENAZ Engineering, and LUX Point LLP (soon to be TENAZ I.T. Support) all under the TENAZ Group.

Tenaz Management, whilst a new company, will retain the experience, personnel and certifications of KIS/Orion LLP:

• 100% Kazakh owned

• ISO (9001:2008) Certified

• Experience of Recruitment and Manpower operations since 2001

• Headquartered in Atyrau with representative offices in Astana, Almaty, Uralsk, Aktau and Tengiz

• Experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of Kazakhstan and international business

• Extensive database of both KZ National and Expatriate personnel

• Proven track record in Manpower and Recruitment for businesses in Kazakhstan and internationally

• History of providing quality services to the Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Retail, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Industrial industries



Mission & Strategy


 Our Mission

• To provide effective and innovative services to our clients following the highest integrity standards and for the benefit of the local communities.

• To provide the best people for our client requirements, and the best jobs and working conditions for our employees.

• To work in partnership to thoroughly understand individual client and employee needs and deliver the solution. 


• The use of technology to improve our operations, such as the HR Management software we are currently implementing.

• Consistent and regular employee training and development.

• Bimonthly and annual reviews our existing operations and services and commit to improve.

• Become a leading local content provider in the Kazakh Manpower business.

• Actively contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• Above all, listen to our clients and employees and make sure they requirements are heard and actioned.