Out staffing Services Recruitment

Out-staffing or out-sourcing recruitment gives the client the responsibility of selecting the candidate and nominating them to Tenaz Management to mobilise and then employ. For this service our client will be charged in the same way as manpower services recruitment. 

Manpower Supply Services Recruitment

Tenaz Managements main strength is the more comprehensive recruitment service known as Manpower supply. This encompasses every aspect of recruitment and hiring on behalf of our clients. We will source, mobilise and employ the selected candidate who will work on the clients chosen project at their chosen location. For this service the client is charged based on an agreed percentage of the candidates hourly/daily/monthly salary.

Logistics and Operations Management

Along with the above Recruitment and Manpower services, Tenaz Management also offer a comprehensive Transport and Logistics service for both Expatriate and National candidates. This covers every method of transportation required to mobilise a person to site from air travel from their point of origin to airport and hotel collection. Tenaz can tailor the level of service provision to suit the needs of their clients.